Workflow error reporting?

Is there a way to get the errors that are reported by Youtrack when a workflow is uploaded to the server? I have added a Stateless rule to my workflow. No compilation errors. I upload it to the server and it reports an error, does nothing beyond that. Some kind of error reporting would be nice.

For reference, this is the rule: 


rule Populate Verified Date When State Verified

when State.changed && State.becomes({Verified}}) {
Verified Date = now;


(Verified Date in this case is a private date custom field)

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Could you please check Administration > Workflows, are there "has errors" tag for this workflow or not (i.e.

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Hi Liubov,

Thank you for the reply. With this particular issue, I ended up realizing that the problem was that the Workflow editor was adding in a second trailing curly brace inside of State.becomes(). Shortly thereafter, I discovered CTL-Space so that has made life a little easier ;)

However, I guess the question is still valid. Yes, I do get "Has Error" tags but I have not been able to find a way to actually look an error up. Something like having the ability to click on the "Has Error" tag and be taken to a screen which shows the error would be nice. Is there something like that in place or should I submit a feature request?


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The erroneous workflow should be highlighted in parts, where the error exists. But we're always up for improvements, feel free to submit usability issue: .




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