How to change timezone for entire company?

Our timezones are way off so our creation timestamps are off.

We see an individual user can set their own timezone, but we are adding quite a few users, and want to set it for them.

Is there no way to set an company wide timezone or a default company timezone? 

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Hi Josh,

to change the default time zone for your YouTrack you need to:

1) enter YouTrack under admin account

2) go to Administration Menu > Global Settings

3) set the default timezone in 'Visual' section. This setting will apply to all users.

Read more here

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Thanks Liubov. Great answer. 

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I am not able to set timezone to IST which is GMT/UTC +530.

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Do you see any errors? Which Youtrack version do you use?

I am able to set the GMT/UTC+5h30m time zone:


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