Get agile board and sprint of an issue


How can I get the board name and sprints of an issue ?
Is it also possible to set a sprint and a board to an issue ?

Thanks in advance

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You can see the board name and the sprint name on the full view issue page:

To go to the board, just click on the board name. 

As for your second question - yes, you can set a board and a sprint to an issue. Click the "+" icon near the "Boards" (see the screenshot above) and enter the board name. Besides that, you can add an issue to the board and to the sprint via commands: Board <board name> <sprint name> (here is the doc: For more options of assigning issues to sprints (including automatic assigning using queries) please refer to



Oh sorry I meant with a javascript workflow. The idea for us is to automatically add an issue of type Epic to a 3 months sprint on a dedicated board. We use YouTrack 2017.3 TPR-20: Website development.

We set up the board to automatically add every new issue to the sprint but US, Bugs and Tasks are also automatically added. We tried a workflow and looked for a log on issue.sprints and issue.fields.sprint but the Set is empty while the issue is visible on the board.

Thanks for your help






Here is what we came up with

* This is a template for an on-change rule. This rule defines what
* happens when a change is applied to an issue.
* For details, read the Quick Start Guide:

var entities = require('@jetbrains/youtrack-scripting-api/entities');

exports.rule = entities.Issue.onChange({
// TODO: give the rule a human-readable title
title: 'Subtask-test',
guard: function(ctx) {
return ctx.issue.becomesReported && == 'Epic' || (ctx.issue.links['subtask of'].isNotEmpty() && ctx.issue.links['subtask of'].first() == 'Epic');
action: function(ctx) {
var issue = ctx.issue;

var quarter_created = quarter_of_the_year(issue.created);
var year_created = new Date(issue.created).getFullYear();
var sprint_name = 'Q' + quarter_created + ' ' + year_created + ' Roadmap';
var board_to_assign = entities.Agile.findByName('Roadmap').first().findSprintByName(sprint_name);


function quarter_of_the_year(date) {
var month = new Date(date).getMonth() + 1; //Returns the month from 0-11
return (Math.ceil(month / 3));
requirements: {
Type: {
type: entities.EnumField.fieldType,
SubtaskOf: {
type: entities.IssueLinkPrototype,
name: 'Subtask',
outward: 'parent for',
inward: 'subtask of'

Basically we are looking for the board and sprint the issue is supposed to be linked with and try to add it to the issue. But it doesn't work !

issue.sprints.add(board_to_assign) throw this error : Cannot set value to custom field Sprints
and if we try issue.fields.sprints.add(board_to_assign) it throws this error :TypeError: Cannot call method "add" of undefined 

Can you please give us a hand on that ?




Sorry for the delay.

Please try the following:

issue.applyCommand('add Board ' + <board_name> + 'Sprints ' + <sprint name>, ctx.currentUser);

So in your case it should look like this:

issue.applyCommand('add Board Roadmap Sprints ' + sprint_name, ctx.currentUser);

Please let me know if it helps. 




Thanks a lot it does the job ! Just had to adapt a little the issue.applyCommand but was the good method.



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