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I'm trying to write a search that will get me all open subtasks in current sprint without tasks that have unresolved dependencies.  I've been struggling with this for more than an hour and can't figure out how to filter out tasks that are blocked by dependencies.
Also subtasks in our project don't have dependencies, but their parent tasks have(It looks like "Depends On", "Is Required For" in description). 

Task1 has Subtask1, Subtask2
Task2 has Subtask3, Subtask4
Task3 has Subtak5, Subtask6
Task2 is dependent on Task1 and should be resolved after all subtasks of Task1 are resolved.

Running search when all tasks are unresolved:
Result: Subtask1, Subtask2, Subtask5, Subtask6

Running search when Task1 was resolved:
Result: Subtask3, Subtask4, Subtask5, Subtask6.

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Please try `has: -{depends on}` search. This will display tasks which don't have any dependencies.  Also use #Unresolved to display only unresolved tasks and Sprints: <sprint name> to see the tasks of that exact sprint. 

So your query may look like this: `#Unresolved has: -{depends on} Sprints: <sprint name>`.

I hope it helps. 


'has: -{depends on}' filters out everything that has dependencies. I want to filter out only those User-Stories/Tasks that have unresolved depencies. 


Hi Anastasia,

This is just what I needed, thank you very much!


Thank you for the update and for your patience. Have a nice day! 


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