Add the card to swimlane after changing the state


I have created a Kanban board for out functional designer. He has the wish that if he changes the state of a story that this story is added as a card to the according swimlane.

He also has this requirement for our agile board. i.e. fixed version becomes "1.10" and the state becomes "open" then he wishes that this issue is added as a card in the version 1.10 in the swimlane "open"

Now is my question, is this possible?

Kind regards,

Kelvin Vijfschaft

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Could you please elaborate: do you want a board with the swimlanes identified by the State? Or do you want a card to be added to the board only if its State is changed to the specified State? 

What do you mean by "a card in the version 1.10"?

Thank you!


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