Manual reorder made to backlog issue list does not correlate with Issue list


I've run into some problems when manually reordering tasks. The order won't be saved. The Agileboard backlog doesn't correlate with the Issue list.
To easier illustrate the problem see attached images.


I tried to follow the instructions on how to "Reorder Issues Manually" over here with no luck.


This is what it looks like when jumping over to the Issue list of the backlog. A completely new order.

Going back to the Agile board, list now follows the order from the "Issues list" above:

Official comment

Could you please check, are there any errors in developers' console in Ctrl-Shift-I for Chrome? What's the current version of YouTrack that you're using?

It says following:

VM1747:1 XHR finished loading: POST "".


Current version is: 2017.4


Should the sorting be something else than the current value below?


Is it all that is said in the devs console? Are there any errors?


No errors at all.


I changed my query for saved search though from

"project: ABCPROJECT has: -{Board Abcproject} #Unresolved"


"project: ABCPROJECT #Unresolved"


which solved the problem with non correlating lists between the backlog and the issue list. This works fine for now. The only thing I've noticed is that the background for an epic doesn't gets gray any longer (see attached image)


I've created a bug report for you: . Please vote/comment for the issue to increase it's priority and be notified about updates.


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