GitLab CE + YouTrack, not reading commit?

Hello.  I setup a GitLab CE server locally as well as YouTrack.  They are on 2 separate VMS.  This is what I have done

In youtrack I was able to create a new project.  From there I went into the edit project.  I went to the VCS tab.  From there I added the IP Address of my GitLab Server.  Once I did that I went and added the VCS Integration by choosing my VCS from the dropdown.  I then created a Personal Access Token from the GitLab site under my profile (I am an admin).  I had then went back into youtrack and placed in this personal key.  It worked, I then was able to type in the group namespace of project.  This found the ground and showed me the project in gitlab that I wanted.  I then selected the repository.  For committers I have All Users selected.  I have the monitor branches blank to monitor all.  The visible for Groups I have All Users selected.

Then under the project in youtrack I had created a test issue called SR-1.  

Now, when I place a commit up to my gitlab server and I see it there I have put in the comments #SR-1 Test COMMENT HERE.  #SR-1 is the issue number that I created prior.Test being the state I wanted it to update to.  I made sure it was not blocked for update before placing my commit as well.  However in youtrack in the issue, under the VCS integrations tab I do not see the commit.  Now I know that the integration is there and the servers can talk because I can place the commit hash from gitlab into that tab in youtrack manually and it will show just fine.  It will even show SR-1 as a hyperlink and will go to the issue correctly.  

The issue is this is not happening automatically.  Im running the latest version of each Gitlab and YouTrack.  


Good day!

My Youtrack standalone installation run on VM as systemd service on under nginx proxy. Nginx run on Real_IP & I  have the same problem as Rob .

To fix this issue I must run service on Real_IP or It can be fixed in other way ?


Fix issue by changing url in Youtrack Configuration

System -> Base URL -> your-domain-name(with-or-without-port) but it must be main domain


This issue has been resolved.  For anyone else that may run into this, this came down to a name resolve issue between the two servers.  Youtrack was setup to the base url of the servername:8080.  Even though in youtrack vcs integration the server is setup with the IP address.  When youtrack creates the webhook to Gitlab it uses the baseurl which contained the server name and not the IP address.  The issue was found by looking at GitLabs site and testing the webhook and seeing the webpage display the error of Unable to resolve the host name.  Once the dns name issue was resolved this issue was resolved as well.


Rob, thank you for the update and for sharing the solution!


@Denaspireone - Thanks so much for your comment, that helped me out due to the incorrect base url! All working now :)


Thank you for the update and for sharing the solution!


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