Why guest user can edit task fields?

Now i check guest access level to tasks, and i can't understand this behavior.

Guest can change task fields, but have only Observer role (also i create custom read-only role for ALL Users group, but result the same).

it looks like:

But i want to do something like this:

How can i make this, is i will have a free plan? Or not?

Official comment


There was a bug related to the guest permissions which is successfully fixed now. The fix is included in 2018.1.40025 version, your instance will be updated in the nearest future. 

Thank you for your patience. 


Thank you for reaching out, we are investigating your case, it may take some time. Normally, an observer is not able to edit issue fields even with free plan.

As an immediate workaround (to avoid editing issues by external people) I can suggest banning guest account (Settings -> Users - guest -> Ban). 
I will get back to you with the results.


Thanks, I will wait for the results


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