A question about YouTrack pricing


I am doing a comparison between several service tracking tools, and YouTrack is one of the tools I am looking at. I am a bit confused about your pricing policy, as presented here:


The thing is that for all other tools, the price is presented in Dollar per month, per user or agent. In your pricing page though, it is not mentioned what does the price represent.

So could you please clarify that?

Many thanks,

Oren Shani

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There are two tabs - the first one shows prices per month, the second one - per year. In the table you can see the prices according to the user amount and storage limit. For example, having 45 users, you'll get 20 GB of cloud storage and pay  150.00 per month, or  1,500.00 per year. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

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