change project name not affected in youtrack

Hi everyone,

Recently I create new project in Hub and add Youtrack as service.

Project name of Youtrack automatically set, and create related team and group.

But when I try to rename project in Hub it does not affect to project name in Youtrack and related team and group.

is this ok? or bug?



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Yes, this is expected behavior. These projects are different - project in YouTrack is a collection of issues, team members and corresponding settings and properties, e.g. workflows (; project in Hub is a collection of resources from Hub and other connected services (

In Hub, you can manage the resources attached to the project - for example, add YouTrack and Upsource projects and set up an integration between them (

By default, the names of corresponding YouTrack and Hub projects are the same, but you can rename any of them and, at the same, keep the connection.

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