How to set default visible to group for a project in youtrack?

I am using the web version. The default visible for a new issue is always All Users. I have to change to foo-team member every time I created a new issue. This is super annoying. 

Is there an easy way to make default the project team?

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You can create an on-change workflow rule, which will run on issue creation and change issue visibility according to your preferences. Here you can learn more about on-change workflow rules:
And here is a guide on how to attach the workflow to a project:
To catch issue creation, use ctx.issue.becomesReported property in guard section. To change issue visibility settings, use  ctx.issue.applyCommand('visible to ProjectGroupName') (, method, which will apply this command to the issue and restrict its visibility only for ProjectGroupName (put your group name instead). 
Please let me know if you have any questions. 

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