YouTrack Docker - Can't restore database

YouTrack crashed on our live server and we have no backups of the YouTrack database. I was able to restore the data and conf folder of a server backup. I have been trying for 2 days to restore the database local with a docker image. 

According the YT docs I created the folder data, logs, backups and conf. If I create it with chmod 750 and change the owner to 13001:13001 I'll get the error message "Config directory is not writable: /opt/youtrack/conf".

If I don't change the owner only the chmod to 750, YT will start the wizard launcher and I am able to select "Upgrade". If I select the backup dir /opt/youtrack/backups/ I'll get the error message in youtrack "Cannot open database at /opt/youtrack/backups/youtrack. It may be locked by another YouTrack instance." In the console I'll get the error message:

[YouTrack Error] [2018-08-10 08:25:57,105] ERROR - taller.database.ExodusExplorer - Can not open exodus database.
[YouTrack Error] jetbrains.exodus.ExodusException: Unexpected file length, address = 578813952, file = 0000000h800.xd

On the live server is no YT instance running, just my local one. My docker bash file looks like this:

docker run -it --name youtrack-server-instance \
-v ~/yt_local/data:/opt/youtrack/data \
-v ~/yt_local/conf:/opt/youtrack/conf \
-v ~/yt_local/logs:/opt/youtrack/logs \
-v ~/yt_local/backups:/opt/youtrack/backups \
-p 8080:8080 \
The folders data, conf and logs are empty. In the backups folder is my conf folder and the subdirectories hub and youtrack of the data directory.
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Could you please create a support ticket, and provide the database? You can upload it to the

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