Markdown checkbox not working


We recently updated our version of Youtrack and are now running under 2018.1 Build 40025. Unfortunately we can't manage to make the markdown checkbox to work.

- [ ] ATV
- [ ] BNK
- [ ] BXK

Above is an example text that we typed but when we submit the issue it doesn't display as checklist

Can you help ?

Thanks in advance

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Have you picked a tick near "Using markdown" sign as shown below?


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Same issue. Note that if I copy the same description in a new card, it works.....

(both card set with the markdown editor setting)

* [ ] Use blabla APIs.

Note 1: the current YT version is

Note 2: the other card was created 2 months ago so it was the latest public version at that time.



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Hello Stephane,

Thank you for your reply. Please make sure that the markdown markup is chosen. Please also try removing all of the issues drafts 


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