Can't set up "Fixed in build"

I have read all answer in forums, stackoverflow and still can't set "Fixed in build" properly.

I have set up YT integration, TC integration. 
Here is my workflow:
1. Create a ticket
2. Do a commit with message "#CID-XXX fixed"
3. Run a build.
4. After a successfull build run YT integration.
5. Issue gets VCS changes and updates ticket to "fixed"
6. Fixed in build field is still not set and shows "Next build"

Here is the settings of my YT integration:

Using latest TC and YT versions.



I am sorry for the delay. Is "Fixed" state marked as resolved in your YouTrack?


No, we have "Tested" state as resolved, fixed doesn't count as resolved. I guess I understand where is the problem now. How can I avoid this? 


Please try the following: tick the "Issues matching query" option and specify the appropriate query (which includes issues with "Fixed" state). For example, the standard search query is State: Fixed State: Verified resolved date: ${build.time}..${}. This query ensures that only issues that are in fixed or verified state since the last successful build and the current build are considered. Use this setting together with the Related issues option to determine which issues are assigned build numbers.

Hope it helps. 


Doesn't work. Integration processed some tickets and set build versions on some resolved tickets. Not a single "Fixed" ticket was changed. I am not sure where to look further.
Only works if "Fixed" is a resolved state.


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