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Hello, as I try to add my own template through workflow, I found, that I am not able to add automatic reply quotation, so I tried to copy comment text to draft stream in my task card. But still I don´t know, how to add my own text to draft comment, or how can I add text from current comment based on for example commentId?

Is there any possibility to do this?

Or can You offer me another solution for adding own template, but not to add text as description, but add it only as comment?

For example, as I move card from "In progress" to "Review", I require to fill some conditions, that programmer need to accomplish before he will continue in swim lane with current card?

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Unfortunately, this is not possible for now. Please feel free to vote for this feature request: to increase its priority and to receive the updates.

You can add a comment with a predefined text on specific actions and display a message which suggests user to edit this comment according to the situation. Or you can check that the last comment has been added less than 5 minutes ago, otherwise revert the transaction and display a corresponding message. 

Hope it helps. 

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