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We are considering YouTrack as an alternative to JIRA, but we have a serious showstopper - we can not find a backlog planning screen or something similar in YouTrack.

We do a lot of tradeoffs each sprint, so we change issue's sprints A LOT and we need a visual interface for it. We move, sort and filter tens of issues between different sprints and backlog.

In JIRA it looks like this:

Does YouTrack have something similar?

Or may be it's on the roadmap?

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YouTrack has a backlog on the board, could you please check, if it's suitable for you: .

No, that backlog view is definitely not enough. It's not even separated by sprints. YouTrack really lacks the sprint composition flexibility.

If you'll add that feature - please, contact me, we'll be happy to migrate from JIRA.


It would be relatively straightforward to create a backlog view using custom boards in YouTrack. You could create a planning board with swimlanes for sprints, then it would be straightforward to move issues between sprints.

You can also move issues between sprints from within each sprint board.



I need this kind of boards, having items displayed on a board per sprint (as column or as swimlane), and being able to move from the one to the other one.

However, the Sprints field is not selectable, either in the columns nor in the swim lanes. Could you please communicate the settings of such an agile board. Thanks!



The Sprints field should be selectable if you have permissions to update issues in the project. If you do, please submit a support request and attach screenshots to illustrate the Sprints field that is not selectable, so we could investigate. Also, please specify the version of your YouTrack and whether it's standalone or inCloud. 

Here you can find more details about YouTrack Agile Boards. 


Thanks, That worked out, when I made the sprints unique, that means, I can not assign an Item to more Sprints. Make somewhere sence. Thanks!


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