Can I suppress notifications when doing UpdateIssue using C# Nuget package?

When I do ApplyCommand it gives me disableNotifications as an option.   Can I do this when I update an issue?

We have a bot that changes issues and it ends up spamming people when they are only interested in actual changes by users


ApplyCommand indeed has the disableNotifications parameter, because it is supported by the underlying API that is used (

UpdateIssue unfortunately does not have that option in the underlying API (

You could update your issue using ApplyCommand though, if suppressing notifications is what you are after. Most issue updates can be executed as commands, using YouTrack's command language. Full reference here:


as far as I know there is no command to change the title of an issue, so every time I change it, it causes a notification.  


Changing the title in itself is a hack because I can't customize the card to show all the fields I need to for all the info we want to show on a card. So I change the title to give the extra info.  Basically as a issue enters a particular state, it gets a  "[ blah blah blah ]"  added to the end to show various things.  Then gets removed when it moves out of that state   


Keith, you can write your own command that will change issue title. However, in your case on-change rule is the most suitable option indeed. Also, on-schedule rule can be run with muted notifications. 


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