Project Admin are not able to create a Servcie "Issue Tracker"


Hi All

We have decided, that Project Admin should be able to add Issue-Tracker's on there Projects.

So we give the Role - Project Admin's the permission that they can create Service.


But the User becomes "you don't have permission to create Project" but hi wants to create a service not a project.

When the Project-Admin hast the write to create Project, he is able to create service, but also to create project what we don't want.

Have you a Idea how to solve this?

Thanks a lot


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I am afraid, I cannot reproduce this issue on my side. If user have the Create Service (and Read Service for avoiding errors after creating) permission, he is able to create a new service regardless on the Create Project setting. So, would you please clarify where you are creating a new service (it is not clear where the first screenshot is from)? Also, please specify which version (InCloud or Standalone) and build of YouTrack you are using. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. 

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Hi Oleg,

Sorry for may late response, we just upgraded our standalone Docker installation to the newest version Youtrack "2018.3.46727" and Hub "2018.3.10780".
But dosn't solve my problem. I think i miss understand the "create serivce". 

Our idee was, that Project Owner are able to add Issue Tracker Service as many they want.
Every Project Owner are Project Admin in this Project.

Regards Marcel

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Hello Marcel, sorry for the delay.

When you're adding a new service, you're adding a new YouTrack instance to your installation. I'm not sure if that's what you want to do.

If you'd like to create a project in your existing YouTrack and link it to the Test Hub project, you need to create a resource in the YouTrack service. See more here, including information on required permissions:

Please let us know how it goes. Thank you!


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Thanks for the replay. I mean with a new service a new project in a connected issue tracker. In my example for youtest.wd.op


that i get a "new service" like this below.. that the project_admin can add more Issue-Tracker Service/Project.. (sorry i don't know how it's called)

like this..




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That's right, in terms of Hub/YouTrack you're creating a resource for your Hub project when you do this. You need to have the following permissions: Read Service (global), Read Project Basic (per-project), Update Project (per-project). More information here:

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thanks, it's okay for me


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