Anyone find the new time spent view unreadable?

The new card time spent view in YT2018.03 redesign is unreadable because:

* it focus on the timestamp when the time spent is filled, not the time spent itself

* it takes 3 lines to display this information whereas it should all be in a single line:

<author> entered <timespent> for <description> edited: <timestamp>)

Instead of:

<author> added spent time <xx> hours ago


<type>: <time spent>
if 3 authors fills time spent, it creates an unreadable group of 12 lines (3 per users+3 blank lines) instead of where 3 lines could have been all the required useful information.
Thoughts to make the next version better?
Note: this is feedback info on the current design, I do not intend to criticize some work done but the design should serve a purpose to make the product helpful for users.
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Thank you all for your feedback, it is highly appreciated. We are redesigning the time tracking tab at the moment, please follow for further updates. 

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The time-spent view (and overall tab "enhancements") do not serve much purpose being presented in the new theme. I agree that additions or fixes should provide a better value to the user, this one does not. in fact, the new user interface is much harder to use and not easy to read. We really do not understand the value it brought to YouTrack as the interface before was simply fine and easier to read. We did not have to look or interpret multi-line logs to know where to go. Bug fixes (like markdown support in certain areas) was good.


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Good morning,

I also find it very difficult now to log time. Here my issues:

  • The view for logged time in a ticket is now very difficult to read and to compare - for example, I need to generate a custom report now simply to get a good overview of what one ticket cost us in time for a comparison.
  • Logging time is rather difficult because:
  • I have to click one extra time to get to "log time" where I used to be able to just append #track-time (am not certain fi that is correct).
  • The pop-up calendar causes firefox to jump to the top of the screen (not always, but every 2nd task)
  • Saving the time jumps to the top of the screen (sometimes I need to fill in 2 times one after the other because I have had several meetings and so enter my times at the end of the day)

On some days, I have simply written down task numbers during the day on a sheet of paper to add at the end of the day. Improvements that would really help me:

  • If I could open a page where I get a table. A row in the table is a form, where I put in "ticket number", "day", "time spent" and "comment" all in one line. Then I click "add row" or "submit".
  • When I click submit, then the page can give me feedback that the times were logged and gives me a fresh page.
  • If I go away from that page, then a blank table/form is shown again.

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