Create enum custom field via REST API


I can't figure out the missing step to link a bundle to a custom field.  I successfully created the field with "PUT /rest/admin/customfield/field/{customFieldName}?{typeName}&{isPrivate}&{defaultVisibility}&{autoAttached}" I then successfully created a new bundle with "PUT /rest/admin/customfield/bundle" Passing in XML content.  I used the same name for the bundle as the new field thinking that was how to link them.  I can see the field in the field's list, and I can click the "Create new set" button. Also, the bundle exists, as in I can't create it again, but it's not linked to the field.

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Hello Chenke, sorry for the delay.

You can link a bundle with a project field using this method (see the sample):

Please let us know if you have any further questions, we'll be happy to help.

Hi Liubov Dievskaia

are the Put Project custom field commands available in the new API? - or do we continue to use the old API for these features.

I want to add 3 new custom fields to all the projects we have in our standalone platform. 





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