Is there a online JSON resouce which holds the latest Youtrack version?


I was thinking if Youtrack provides a online JSON resource, which holds the version of the current/latest Youtrack release. 

For example: PHPMyAdmin has this:

There you can see, which is the latest version.

I want to build a kind of auto update, in which I read the online JSON, compare it to the locally installed version and if not equal download the newest version and so  on.

Anybody an idea, if there is something like that?



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Hello Klaus, sorry for the delay.

We don't have a JSON but we have an XML with the latest release version:

We hope this helps!


Thanks for your reply. This was just what I was looking for. Thanks.

But I already skipped the idea of a automatic Youtrack updater. In the last couple of version there was a install wizard I hat to click through in the browser. And I read, that the update is not "scriptable" from command line. So its not possible to update Youtrack automatically without user interaction to the newest version. 

Or do you have an idea regarding this?



Hello, Klaus!

There is a way to upgrade YouTrack without user interactions, but it is not supposed to be used in production.

Configuration Wizard shown in UI not only allows to change some installation parameters on upgrade, but also could perform some updates/conversions to the config files required by new version. 

Though not every YouTrack version have such updates, sometimes that happens. Being started without Wizard, product doesn't apply those updates, that could lead to the instance corruption.

So if you'd like to proceed with autoupdates without Wizard, please make sure that upgrade script creates up-to-date backup at first and proceed with upgrade only if that was created successfully. So that the instance can be restored.

One of ideas on how to write an auto upgrade script in a safe way is following
 (it works for ZIP distributive, for other distribution types the idea is the same, but some details varies):

a) switch `read-only` mode of existing YouTrack instance on (REST API)

b) create backup (REST API)

c) download and unpack new version to some empty folder (update.xml)

d) copy `conf` folders from existing instance to the folder where new version was unpacked

e) copy `data` folder from existing instance to the folder where new version was unpacked (applicable only if existing database is stored inside existing installation folder, otherwise (if existing database is stored in a custom location outside installation directory) this step should be skipped so that new instance will reuse external `data` directory defined in configs)

f) stop existing instance (in order to make YouTrack listen port free)

g) configure new instance with option `disable.configuration.wizard.on.upgrade`:
`youtrack configure -J-Ddisable.configuration.wizard.on.upgrade=true`

h) start new instance (if upgrade fails simple fall back to the existing YouTrack instance or restore that from backup)

Alexey Barsov 
JetBrains Developer


Hey Alexey

Thanks for your reply. 

LG Klaus


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