Is cloning of ticket-clusters possible?


Currently, if you clone multiple tickets that are dependent on each other (sub-tasks), the cloned ticket is dependent on the old main task, not the cloned main task.

Is there a way/workflow to clone whole ticket-clusters (with sub-tickets, etc.)?


We have reoccuring processes that are always nearly identical, so we want to copy the whole set of tickets and just rename them accordingly (i.e. creating a sample cluster which can be cloned when needed).

Official comment

Hello Toni, thank you for your question!

There is a feature request you can vote for:

Currently we can recommend you to write your own action rule with the logic that you need: You'll need to use the 'Issue.copy' method:

Feel free to ask if you have any questions, we'll be happy to help.

Thank you Liubov, I have voted on the feature request and we will try to set it up with a custom workflow.


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