Youtrack backups not reliably generated


Hi all,

I'm running a standalone instance of Youtrack 2018.3 Build 46358, and can't seem to get scheduled backups working reliably. I've chosen "Every day at 2am" as the backup schedule, but on most days then no backup is generated. Even on the days when it is, then it appears at an unpredictable time during the day, e.g. on the 20th November there's a backup timestamped 06:13, with the previous backup 15 days ago.

Manually running a database backup seems to work reliably every time though.

Looking through the logs, I can see ocassional entries stating "Start BackupDatabaseScheduling", "Starting 'BackupDatabaseScheduling' with '0 0 2 * * ?'." and "BackupDatabaseScheduling started"; it looks like these correspond to the times I've started Youtrack rather than the actual backup job running though.

One thing that does look odd to me in the logs is frequent entries indicating a large number of pending QuartzJobProcessor jobs (e.g. "There are 47900 pending jobs in QuartzJobProcessor") - the number of jobs seems to keep increasing and never drops. The statistics page doesn't seem to show anything out of the ordinary though (see below).

Any ideas as to what might be going on here, or what else I could do to debug this? Youtrack and the virtual machine I'm hosting it on seem to be otherwise working fine.


Installation Folder /home/youtrack/standalone
Database Location /home/youtrack/standalone/data
Logs Location /home/youtrack/.youtrack
Available Processors 1
Available Memory 3959.5 MB
Allocated Memory 2197.3 MB
Used Memory 1620.0 MB
Uptime 23 hours, 31 minutes, 24 seconds and 227 milliseconds
Started Time 20 Nov 2018 16:00
Database Background Threads 1
Pending Async Jobs 0
Cached Results Count in Database Queries Cache 3076
Database Queries Cache Hit Rate 100.00%
BLOB Strings Cache Hit Rate 81.71%
Total Transactions 25944
Transactions per Second 1.19
Requests per Second 0.05
Database Size without BLOBs 27.8 MB
Full Database Size 150.7 MB
Text Index Size 25.8 MB
Online Users
Users: 3
Sessions: 39
Windows: 6
Notification Analyzer Queue Size 0
Notification Sender Queue Size 0
User Action Job Processor Queue Size
There is no job being executed
Hub Events Queue Size 0
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Hello Tom,

we're sorry for the delay. Could you please submit a support request and share the full YouTrack logs with us? It will help us investigate this issue.

Thank you!

In any case, we have a feature request for backup notifications, please vote it in our tracker:

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