Is there any way to visually mark older tasks?


When I used Trello we employed the "Card Aging Power-Up" to give old tasks a different look.  It was very handy for identifying things that either need to be looked at or moved to the backlog (as they weren't very important). 

Does YouTrack support any type of "aging" process?  Does YouTrack support any type of plugin process in general?

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Hello Richard,

in YouTrack, you can write a custom workflow that would change a custom field of an issue if it got old.

If you configure this custom field to have a set of values (enum field type, for example) and assign each value a colour, it might be useful to visually distinguish older issues from others.

You can also add tags to issues via custom workflow in the same manner.

Please refer to the documentation on our JS workflows here: and feel free to ask if you have any further questions.

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