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Our team has been utilizing YT for quite some time now. We have the standard set of fields we input but however recently we've been utilizing "Due Date" on some time sensitive tickets. However, it's been difficult to track which tickets have a due date and whether or not there are any tickets with a upcoming due date/outstanding due date. Do you have any recommendations on how to best keep track of due dates? We are utilizing agile boards, is there a way we can incorporate upcoming tickets by due date into an existing Project Development Board? Are there any other best practices or suggestions you have to ensure we have insight to upcoming due dates so key items are not missed? 

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You can use YouTrack search for finding all tickets with the required Due Date period. Also, you can create a separate Saved search for this. In addition, I suggest you use a default Due Date workflow that can send notifications about overdue tickets to their assignee. You can also modify it to send notification beforehand. I hope it will be helpful. 

Should you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

Great. Thanks! Could you please advise how I could go about modifying the workflow so it triggers a notification to the assignee 5 calendar days before the ticket is due? 




It is possible to implement this task by modifying the guard section code in the following manner:

var DAY_IN_MS = 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000;

return ctx.issue.fields.DueDate < new Date() - 5 * DAY_IN_MS;


I am unclear on where exactly I am supposed to replace/update this code. Can you please advise the EXACT line(s) I should be modifying? 

Will I also have to update the verification text from "Issue became overdue" to "Issue will become overdue in 5 days"



The guard section code is started with the line 10. I hope it will be helpful. 


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Is there a place to share user-contributed workflow scripts?  I am hoping to modify this script for timely alerts of upcoming due-dates on items that have not been updated in the last N days by an assignee (or something like that).  If nobody else has already scripted this I would like to share it with others.  Hopefully someone else has already done something similar?




Hello Ron,

Feel free to share your results in this thread. Should you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.


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