Best way to allow users to report bugs?

I have a private YouTrack instance that I use to manage the features and bugs on my project. Currently, users report bugs via a 3rd party tool and I copy them into YouTrack manually. Is there a way to allow users to report bugs directly into YouTrack for review without exposing the contents of the project? And likewise, is there a way to show a stripped back, high-level overview of bugs that have been reported to the general public?

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I believe your options are to configure mailbox integration (or even help desk) to allow users creating issues without any access to YouTrack. They'll be able to receive notifications about changes made in these issues. Please refer to and

Also, you can allow users viewing only own reported issues, please refer to for details. 

As for high-level overview, I'm afraid this is not possible. If a user has access to an issue, they can see it completely. Maybe an option here is to use REST API and to build some summary using third-party tools. 

Please let me know if it helps. 

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That's great, thanks.


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