Getting TimeTracking Array together when I get Issues.


My current scenario is as below.

1. Getting issues from Server
Query: api/issues?query=state:%20open%20-feature&fields=created,updated,tags(name),fields(id,projectCustomField(field(name)),value(name)),reporter(fullName),updater(fullName),summary,numberInProject,comments(author(fullName),created)

2. Getting timeTrackings on each {issueId}
Query: /api/issues/{issueID}/timeTracking/workItems?fields=author(id,name),creator(id,name),date,duration(id,minutes,presentation),id,name,text,type(id,name)

3. Attaching timeTrackings array to a single Issue array, when matches.

The above solution works, but due to many GET request on the 2nd phase, the performance is totally bad.
I think the best way to solve this scenario is that to add an timeTracking attribute to issues as comments(
Could you kindly let me know there is any possible solution now ?

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Please try using this request: I believe it may help to reduce the number of requests. 

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