Create new issue with custom fields using REST API


Is it possible to create a new issue using REST API that contains CustomFields. We are running YouTrack 2018.4

This is what we came with so far with no luck :

"summary":"REST API lets you create issues!",
"description":"Let's create a new issue using YouTrack's REST API.",
"fields": [
"projectCustomField": {
"field": {
"name": "State",
"id": "50-3",
"$type": ""
"$type": "jetbrains.charisma.customfields.complex.state.StateProjectCustomField"
"value": {
"name": "Submitted",
"id": "60-0",
"$type": "jetbrains.charisma.customfields.complex.state.StateBundleElement"
"id": "82-44",
"$type": "jetbrains.charisma.customfields.complex.state.StateIssueCustomField"

Thanks in advance


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I am sorry for the delay. Please refer to this step-by-step guide:
If it doesn't help, please share the full request that you send. 

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I also have similar problem. I am trying to use REST API to create a new issue with custom fields populated. However, it does not seem to be working.

The step-by-step guide does not cover custom fields.

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You can update issue custom fields using this guide: or refer to the request YouTrack issues itself when creating a new issue with custom fields (navigate to browser console for that). 

If you face any errors, please share them so I could take a look. 


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