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In the docs for the gantt chart it says under setting for "Sort Order" that one option is "Custom".  The docs say "Custom — arranges top-level issues according to a custom sort order from a saved search. This option sorts issues according to the custom order set for the first saved search that is specified in the Query setting."

I can't figure out where the "Query" setting is, or how to specify a saved search in it.


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Hi Chenke - 


This should actually refer to the query that is stored in the "Issue filter" setting.

To add a saved search to the issue filter for the report, use the syntax "saved search: {saved search name}" or "#{saved search name}".

Yea, that's what I thought when I first read the directions, but it doesn't work.  It uses the saved search in the Issue Filter field to actually filter the issues in the Gantt chart, it ignores the Sort By.


If you want to sort the issues on the Gantt chart in custom order, the saved search has to store issues in a custom order. It doesn't work with a saved search that sorts issues by an attribute value. If you want to sort issues by an attribute value, you can select the value form the list for the Sort order setting. 

To apply a custom order to a list of issues, you need to set the saved search as the current search context and reorder the issues manually. Here's a quick demo:

For more information about applying a custom order to a saved search, see 


I currently cannot get this function to work. I have a saved search with a custom order and set the Gantt chart to sort based on the saved search in the query field. You wrote that it won't work if its sorted by an attribute value, but in the search bar settings, I cannot remove the attribute based search (which is listed under custom sort order).



Please share screenshots of your Gantt chart's settings and saved search. Given that this is an old thread, you can send this data directly to our support team via or We'll examine the screenshots and get back to you with further details. Thanks. 


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