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I really like to have a tree for all views, but the new view is much harder to read. I would prever the old view, but with tree style.



Old: (Preverable)

Official comment

Hello Roman,

Thanks a lot for your feedback. We are still working on our new issue list and will fix a lot in the nearest future. For example, readability will be fixed in one of the nearest updates, "Select all" button will also be there soon. 
Please refer to, issues.

Appreciate your patience and hope you'll like new issue list someday!

I like everything new so change is positive but 2 points would like to raise:

- I really miss "select all" checkbox, so I can select all filtered issues and apply some command for example

- hierarchy level hardly understandable/visible. Between several levels no UI support that shows which level of each issue. Usually some kind of lines or dotes used to understand "how deep" is this issue


It would be very nice to highlight the Type (Epic, Feature, Story, Task, ...), like in MS TFS.

I would prefer to show the Type at the beginning of the line, instead of the Priority.


Hello all,

To Roman: we have improved issue list readability, please give it a try and let me know the results. As for "Select all" functionality, it is already implemented and will be delivered in one of the next updates. 

To Markus: on the Custom fields page, when editing a set of values, you can select a color for each value. The value will be highlighted accordingly. Hope it helps. 


In the "small" view, there is only the priority icon/color shown. It would be good if I could show the "Type" instead of the priority in the single line view.


Hi Marcus, sorry for the delay.

We have this feature in our plans, but there's no ETA yet. Please vote/comment it in our tracker to be notified of updates:



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