Restoring from backup on version 6.5



- My org has standalone installation of version 6.5 YouTrack (build 17105) running on Ubuntu and a license which no longer permits upgrade

- We use built-in backup functionality and just store the .zip file in FTP

Lately I've been checking our backups and stumbled across the following issue with YouTrack: restoration process described in documentation works for version >= 7; if I install v6.5 YouTrack, on initial config, on Upgrade screen, there's no Restore option for .zip backups, and screen generally looks a bit different from v7 / documentation (sorry for not saving a screenshot! Will repeat step by step w/ screenshots if required).

Googling wasn't helpful, so may someone please explain/link guide on how to restore a version 6.5 from backups?


Hi Anastasia,

Thanks, but it seems the link is not available to general public


Anton, I'm sorry, looks like these links are for internal use only. 

I can recommend using 7.0 upgrade guides:


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