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We are trying to export all issues from YouTrack in order to create metrics for our Iteration review meetings. Currently there are 6626 issues in this project. Unfortunately, when exporting all issues to CSV, the download appears to finish without error but not all issues are included in the exported file - the last time I only got 3350 of the 6626.  When trying to export to MS Excel, after a period of time, I receive a Proxy Error. Any thoughts on how to fix this would be appreciated. Our Max Issues to Export setting is 10,000.

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Hello Jeremy, sorry for the delayed response here.

We've discussed this problem in a private support request, so I'm going to post a short summary here.

The problem is related to a known performance problem with the export function, unfortunately.

An upgrade to the version 2018.4 or later should help.


I think if you allow users to choose which fields to export, the performance issue will be resolved very quickly. 

in my case, every time I export a file, I get a file with 74! columns 

I don't need to export everything, it would be great to just export what the user has chosen in the Visibility Settings.

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Thank you for your feedback. We will consider this option when planning new updates.


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