Assign auto generated issue to a specific user

I have set up a workflow that auto generates tickets on a weekly basis but I cant figure out how to assign those tickets to specific users. 


I have previously used something like this to assign to the user currently creating the ticket.

ctx.issue.fields.Assignee = ctx.currentUser;


But since the system will be creating the workflows this wont work. I need something like this.

ctx.issue.fields.Assignee = User1;





Official comment


It is possible to specify your user in the requirement section:

UserOne: {
type: entities.User,
login: 'User1'

to get this user in the following manner:

ctx.issue.fields.Assignee = ctx.UserOne;

or, you can find the required user by their login, for example:

ctx.issue.fields.Assignee = entities.User.findByLogin('User1');

Should you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

That worked perfectly. Thank you!


You are welcome! 


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