Notifications about all changes in all projects?

I would like to receive notifications about all changes in all our projects. I created query: "project: *" but it didn't seem to work. After manually executing it I got error: "

Search request was not
processed because its part project: * might cause significant system
slow-down, please refine the query


Bottomline - how can I configure YouTrack to receive all notifications? (yes, I do need it)

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I could not reproduce the issue with the following query:

project: * 

Would you please clarify which YouTrack version (inCloud or standalone) and build you are using?
Also, would you please try to use the following query instead:

created: 1000-01-01 .. 3000-12-31

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. 

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Thank you for informing us that the issue has been resolved. Should you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at any time. Have a great day!


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