How to configure Upsource https via docker startup wizard? "Service is not accessible from your browser by given URL"


I downloaded the below Upsource docker image. It runs and I get the configuration wizard. I can configure http fine, but I get this error in the https config screen of the configuration wizard next to the base URL  : "Service is not accessible from your browser by given URL". (certs seems to be fine, no other errors in the HTTP screen)

I can access Upsource fine in my browser on the http port of 7111 (below). Just not the 7110 HTTPS port.

When I started docker I used:

docker run -it --name upsource-server-instance5 -v /data/upsource2/data:/opt/upsource/data -v /data/upsource2/conf:/opt/upsource/conf -v /data/upsource2/logs:/opt/upsource/logs -v /data/upsource2/backups:/opt/upsource/backups -p 7111:8080 -p 7110:8443 jetbrains/upsource:2018.2.1291

 What should I use for the HTTPS "Base URL" and "Application Listen Port" ??  Ideas how to troubleshoot? 


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This is a YouTrack community forum. In future please use for Upsource-related questions.

I have forwarded the ticket to the Upsource support team, they will help. 

Thank you. 

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