Insert / edit overwriting code


I am editing code in the Pycharm editor, I can't insert/amend text without it overwriting 


for example, if I wanted to change the last two digits of this MAC this line ("ifconfig wlan0 hw ether 11:22:33:44:55:66", shell =True) I would delete the 66 and replace it with say 44 but it overwrites, shell =True) 

I want to be able to insert/edit without this occurring 








This is a YouTrack community forum. In the future, please use to ask PyCharm-related questions. 

I will ask PyCharm team to handle your request though. 



Could you please specify if it's Python file or something else?
Do you use IdeaVim plugin?
What is your PyCharm version?


I think this has something to do with my MAC keyboard and number keypad in VirtualBox, I use the number pad sometimes and forget it does not work in VirtualBox. When I do that it screws up my editing in PyCharm. I'll monitor it, Pycharm works okay on MAC and Windows 10 apart form the fact it is too slow. I have moved t Thonny as like is to short to be waiting for applications to load.  (;-)


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