Too many fields!

So... my organization has a problem. We are addicted to adding fields! Various groups that use YouTrack constantly ask "hey, can we have this field or that field added?" and our support folks who make YouTrack changes have obliged them time and time again.

That brings us to this:


What options do we have to display only the important fields to relevant users? For example... a QA tester rarely needs to see the Data Gov fields, but they can't be taken away completely unless we want to face Data Gov folks crying "but we needed those!!!"

You see our dilemma. Please help!

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The ultimate solution to the problem would be

While it's not yet there one may try the following to combat the complexity

1. Make some of the fields private: Unlikely to get you very far, but still worth a shot.

2. Make some of these fields conditional: Depending on your actual process requirements this may help to hide clusters of fields irrelevant for a particular issue type or its life cycle stage

3. Create several issues of different type instead of a single huge one, e.g. one for development, one for testing, one for legal department, etc. Use conditional field rules to hide irrelevant fields depending on issue type. Use workflows to automate issue creation and enforce state invariants on a set of related issues.

Hope this helps.

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