YouTrack as helpdesk *wihout* email?


we are trying to use YT as a helpdesk (see but we have slight problem. We also need a website form to submit questions, but it seems that YT requires (and only supports) e-mail based submissions? Would it be possible to use any REST API to create issues in "YT helpdesk" (i.e. without additional accouns - users would not access YT in any way)

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Hello Wojtek,

yes, our current Help Desk scenario is based on the Mailbox integration, so it assumes there are emails being converted into YouTrack issues.


You can use the YouTrack REST API to build a form to create issues in YouTrack. To avoid creating user accounts for each reporter, you need to make sure all REST requests are done under some predefined user account and put its authorization details (permanent token) into the request itself.

Here you can learn about permanent token authorization:

Here is the method for creating new issues:


Let us know if you have any further questions, we'll be happy to help.

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thank you for the replay. We are pondering the form interacting directly with YT, but then we would like to use mailbox flow - i.e. user would use form to submit issue and contact email, we would use mentioned YT api to create the issue and somehow set the mail as (I guess?) some sort of watcher to the issue so each update would generate notification. I check more the API but it seems that and IssueWatcher must be in the end a propper User in the system (which we don't need/want). How can we tap to the 'mailbox' flow via API?

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Do I understand you right that you only want the initial contact from your customers to be done via the form, and then you're going to use the default Helpdesk scenario as it is described in the docs?

In this case, I would suggest making your form so that it emulates this first email as close as possible  and then configure your project, notifications, and the mailbox integration as described in the documentation:

Two most important things are:

1) Make sure that the 'All related emails' and 'Last message related emails' custom fields are attached and they store the right emails.

2) make sure that the subject of emails always contains the ID of the ticket in YouTrack. Otherwise, the replies from your customers would not be parsed as comments.

After that, it should be possible to continue conversations with your customers via emails after they make the first request via the form.

I hope this helps.


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