TeamCity Integration: ignore "Issues matching query"


YT ingore  issues matching query setted in TC mapping. 

We have set the state change to "Pending verification" if the actual state of issue is "Fixed".


But if issues is in state "Verified" and TC create new buil includes this issues(RELEASE branch after merge), then YT set all "verify" issue included in the build to "Pending verification".

Do you have any idea what to do with it?

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Thank you for reaching out. Do you have any issues mentioned in the commit messages? I'm asking because you have "Related issues" option enabled, that means that resolved issues mentioned in the commits messages will be processed too.

I'm looking forward to your reply. 

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Every commit in our repository has issue in commit message:) Matching query is not applied on related issues?

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The logic there is as follows:

If the "Related issues" option is selected, an issue will be processed only if it is resolved and mentioned in a commit. Unresolved issues mentioned in the commit will not be processed.
If only "Issues matching query" option is enabled, an issue will be processed if it matches the query. Actually, all issues which match the query will be processed.
If both options are selected, an issue will be processed if it satisfies any of these two options.

So, having both options selected, all resolved issues mentioned in commits' messages and all issues that match the query will be processed. 

Please let me know if it helps.


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