Font Change?

Did the default font on YT change? What is this? FUGLY.

How do I change it back to what it was?

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Hello Matt,

thank you for the feedback. We have indeed changed the font recently, and I'm afraid there is no built-in way to change it back.

Why do you consider the new font to be worse than the old one? We'd be grateful for your feedback.

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Hi. Youtrack changed the UI font twice in the 2019 December if I am not mistaken. The change in Build 62973 Thu, Dec 19, 2019, 03:55:22 PM UTC is a disaster for me. The font looks smudgy. My eyes suffer. Why in the earth you guys decided to fix the things that weren't broken??? 

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Hello Pavel,

we've already fixed some issues related to the font changes since we first introduced the new font. Could you probably attach a screenshot illustrating how the font looks like for you?

FYI: we currently have an open issue that looks similar to your description: 

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I am not qualified enough to say whether the new font is better or not. The only thing I know is that my eyes hurt (physically).

Issue that was mentioned before seems to address the issue I am having. But the fonts seem smuggy at every part of YouTrack, not only issue description. I will attach agile board screenshot as an example.

It is like that in Chrome and Firefox (I did not check other browsers).

To my mind, font is a sort of public API of web application. Therefore, it would be nice to support some kind of backward compatibility or settings, so users dont have to get accustomed to new API, if they are fine with the old one.

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If Anyone still has this weird problem with fuzzy fonts...

The problem was solved on Chrome by adding a Font extension (in my case Font Changer worked well). Then changed the font to Roboto 700, might change it again depending my long term experience but, at least, now I have full control.

Pretty certain there's a similar extension for all major browsers out there.


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