Filter for tasks which are ready to do (no open depends on)

I have issue dependencies expressed with "depends on". I'd like to create a smart filter for those tasks, which are ready to work. So: issues, which don't depend on unclosed issues. How can I do it?

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Hello! Unfortunately, it's not possible to create a search like this in YouTrack yet. Here is the feature request in our tracker, please feel free to vote:

Here are the options that we do have currently:

- you can search for all issues that depend on other issues: `has: {Depends on}`

- you can search for issues that depend on other issues and are themselves unresolved: `has: {Depends on} #Unresolved`

- you can search for issues that depend on a particular issue: `Depends on: <issue_ID>`


Let us know if we can help with any other questions.

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