All tickets in one project are showing as #Resolved

We have 9 active projects, all sharing the same fields and settings for 'Current state."  

As of this morning, anytime a ticket in one specific project is created or updated, it is showing those tickets as Resolved (Greyed out and crossed out). However, the tickets are not acting as resolved, they still show up on agile boards, etc... (thank goodness).

All 8 other projects are unaffected.

Anyone have any ideas?


  • JetBrains Bug & Issue Tracker YouTrack 2019.3
  • Build 65510 Fri, Feb 28, 2020, 03:04:28 PM UTC



Official comment

Hello Liam,

could you please check if you have multiple 'state' fields in your project? Unfortunately, version 65510 has a bug related to the multiple state cases:

We're sorry for any inconvenience caused. The fix will be delivered to your instance with one of the next releases.

Here are the fields for the project that Liam is having trouble with, looks like only one state field..

The tickets are greyed out and a line through the ticket number, but the current state is Work In Progress, and this happens to any ticket that is updated.


Thank you for the screenshot. As far as I can see, you have two fields of 'state' type: 'Current State' and 'Task Size'. Could you please check the values of both fields and check which of these states are marked as resolved? Feel free to share screenshots of these sets of values.


Yep, that was it, sorry I did not realize that the task size field could resolve a ticket, but sure enough all the task size fields were set to resolve. I edited them and now everything seems to be as it should. BIG TAHNKS for your help!


Thanks for sharing! Again, we're very sorry, it's not how this whole resolving mechanism works normally. Until we deliver the fix of this bug, simply checking all these Task Size values as unresolved should help, but once the fix is delivered, I'd recommend putting these values back to resolved.


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