Can I remove the system admin role from a private HR project in YouTrack cloud?



I'm trying to setup a private HR project to help the team while they are all working from home

I've setup a group which has the correct users in it and I've made the HR Manager the project owner


They can see the project fine and nobody else can which is great but I can see it as the system administrator


Is there any way I can remove the system admin role from being able to view the tickets in this project?



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Thank you for reaching out, we'll be happy to help to configure your YouTrack to provide comfortable remote work for your teammates during these hard times. 

I believe the steps should be as follows:
1. Select all issues in that project and apply the following command: `visible to <HR group name>`
2. Create an on-change workflow that will trigger on creating new issues in that project and automatically set its visibility to the HR group like described here:

After that, only the HR group will be able to access issues from that project. Please let me know if you need any assistance with that. 


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