Add default tasks when creating a project?


we think about using youtrack for some kind of projects (not software development projects). These are recurring projects, each of them is very similar to former ones - so it would be great to have a specific set of tasks/issues that will be created when we create one of that projects types.

That means: I have a project template for this kind of project. When I create a concrete project there should be around 30 issues that will be added automatically (some tasks, some features, some ...). It is a complete "set" of tasks for this kind of project - because it will be much easier to throw away some tasks that are unneccessary instead of adding 20 tasks by hand every time (and forget some important)

Is it possible somehow?

Best regards, Alex

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Hi Alex,

Thank you for reaching out. Sure, this is possible using workflows, please refer to for further examples. 
I believe you can implement it as an on-schedule rule which will run once and create all necessary issues.
Please let me know if it helps. 

Thank you for the link, it seems to be a good starting point. I'll have a look at this topic(s) when we are ready to work with youtrack.

Have a good time and stay healthy :-)


Hi Alex!

May I ask how did you manage to solve your problem?




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