How to merge two cards into one?

I have created a "new card" and typed in a lot of information. My colleague has created "new card". Now activities are recorded in two separate cards.

How to merge one card into another, so the final result would be one single card?

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I'm afraid there is no way to merge two cards (especially the history). What you can do, is to copy the contents (description, comments, work items) manually. Another option is to link these two issues to show they are related ( E.g. you can mark one of them as a duplicate of another one and continue your work in one issue. 
Hope it helps. 

Thank you very much. If I copy history from one card to another, then whole history is going to be posted in single post, isn't it?

What I would somehow want is to merge both cards history into one chard.

In our company we have been using Request Tracker for more then 10 years and now we switched to Youtrack. On of the features in RT is to merge two cards (tickets in RT language) into one. The outcome is history is properly displayed according to events in both cards.


I'm afraid issue history cannot be transferred by any means. Even theoretically, it would very tricky to merge it as there might be conflicts among issue events (e.g. due to workflow automation or custom fields settings) which are impossible to resolve. 

To sum up, only written contents can be copied (like issue description and summary, custom field values, work items, watchers).

I am very sorry to tell I cannot help here further. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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