Can I have multiple development boards connecting to one project management board?

Is it possible for me to have within a project, multiple development board connected to one project management board as Epics? If so, how do I set this up? I've attached an example image of what I want to do.

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Thank you for reaching out. Generally, the boards are not connected to each other in any way, because a board is just a way to present issues. So basically, when configuring a board, you just select the most convenient way to organise issues on this board to track progress/plan your activities (e.g. grouping issues by epics or by priorities).

So, getting back to your scheme - you can just create several boards and set them up to use epics or user stories according to your needs. Feel free to refer to our tutorials, e.g., to get more details. Should you face any questions, please don't hesitate to ask either.  


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In that document it mentions setting up more than one development team boards, and that separate features can have a board each. How is this set up so that the development boards do not present each others user stories?

I've manged to set up 1 development board that displays my user stories, and a project management board that displays those user stories within an epic, but I want to scale this out like in my original diagram. 

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Depending on your board settings, you can filter cards on the board (so they match some query). Also, am I right that user stories represent swimlanes in your case and you need to filter swimlanes somehow?

Is it possible to share a screenshot of your boards (and their settings) with us so we could see the board settings and the desired result? You can submit a support request to avoid data disclosure. 

We're looking forward to your reply. 


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