Tree view mode for Kanban board

Is it possible to setup Kanban board so it will show issues in hierarchical manner, similar to Backlog in Tree Mode?


By hierarchy I mean task-subtask relation - I would like to see subtasks of my Epic directly under it.


Thanks in advance!

Official comment

Hi Sergey,

I'm afraid it is not possible to arrange cards in a tree view on the board, however, you can display subtasks right on the parent card when XL view mode is set:

Here you can find some more details:

Also, maybe swimlane will suit you - if Epics are set to define swimlanes, when all epic subtasks will be located right in the corresponding epic swimlane:

More details:

Hope it helps.

Additionally, you can bring up the Backlog to the left side of any Agile Board with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Backspace. This will show any backlog you filter for with the tree-hierarchy view enabled. You can even easily add stories to the sprint this way.


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