Clarification needed about "Teams"


in the blog post from the 14th May about the free version of YouTrack the word "team" is frequently used, but I am not exactly sure what it means in that context.

Is it possible to have multiple Teams of 10 each for the same organization? For example seven people in a "Dev-Ops" team and another team of nine for "Developers", something like that. Both teams being free of charge would be ideal. 

If yes, is it possible to join multiple teams with the same account? So in my example from before, being part of both the Dev-Ops and the Developers team? Would any of this break any ToS?


Thanks in advance

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Hi Joshua,

in the blog post the word 'team' is used in a broad sense, it's up to you to decide whom you need to include in a team. For YouTrack InCloud this is basically a number of users who are having access to the YouTrack instance. For each of your YouTrack instance registered under you may activate up to 10 users while staying on a free plan, and then switch to a paid subscription and add as more users as you need. 

For one account/ organization you may create and use several independent YouTrack instances with various names, administrated and being accessed by your teams separately, each of them could be on a free plan unless you'll need a team of more than 10 users collaborating with each other within the projects at one YouTrack. 

With the Standalone version, you're applying one license key per each YouTrack installation. Free standalone version allows you to activate up to 10 users, once you need more, the paid subscription packs start from 25 users. And of course, you may have several independent YouTrack installations running in your organization, and paid subscription for any of them starts only there you need more than 10 users collaborating in one YouTrack server.

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