YouTrack Cloud: How to determine where storage is used, and clear it?

I can see how much storage I have remaining, but I don't know how to action on it.

  • How do I find out where the storage was being used?
  • How do I go out clearing the storage?
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Hello Cardin,

thank you for your question.


Usually, the disk space is being taken up by large attachments you have in your issues, and sometimes by issues with long descriptions and many comments.

While there is currently no way to sort issues by the sizes of their attachments, unfortunately, I can recommend checking all issues that have any attachments using this search query: `has: attachments`. After that, you'll be able to go over these issues and delete the files that are too big.

We have a feature request in our tracker that, once implemented, will provide a way to sort issues by the sizes of their attachments. Please feel free to comment and vote:


When you delete an attachment, the disk space is freed up immediately.

If you have issues with long descriptions or many comments, you can simply delete those issues manually. The disk space will be freed up within 2 weeks after that. If you want to free up the disk space immediately, then our recommendation is to move the issues you need to delete to a separate project and then delete that entire project. This way, the disk space will also be freed up immediately.


I hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions.

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