YouTrack + OneLogin, has anyone been able to get this working?



I'm trying to use OneLogin as a SAML IdP for YouTrack InCloud and am getting nowhere (login attempts keep failing as "invalid request", but no log entries with useful info can be found). Has anyone been able to get this running? Part of the trouble I'm having is that there seems to be no standard vocabulary for what the various config parameters, URLs etc. are (every vendor calls them something different).

Thanks much!

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I'm Sergey from the Youtrack team.

As I see, you contacted our support team and are discussing the setup. For those who might face similar issues, a good start will be filling a direct support request with the following details: 

* a screenshot of the module settings in Youtrack

* if use Youtrack Incloud or Standalone. If former, send the instance name. If latter, please send the logs following our instructions.

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